GS11 Welcome

"Dr B Mario Pinto, President NSERCNSERC helps build and support a strong culture of scientific discovery and innovation in the natural sciences and engineering. In pursuing these efforts, we must fully embrace diversity and provide equality of opportunity across gender and culture. Diversity increases our power of sight and strengthens the science, technology and innovation ecosystem by providing multiple points of view. The Gender Summit will be the ideal opportunity to highlight the importance of diversity and share best practices for reducing barriers faced by underrepresented groups in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics community."
Dr B Mario Pinto, President NSERC
"The progress and promotion of women in science, particularly in natural sciences and engineering, remains problematic, in Quebec, Canada, and abroad. At the same publication rate, the citation rate of papers published by women remains inferior to that of papers published by men. During the Gender Summit, we will discuss these issues and try to find solutions."
Dr Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Quebec
Dr Maryse Lassonde, Scientific Director, FRQNT

Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of QuebecLassondeGS11