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Quality Research and Innovation through Equality

Our Aim

Gender Summit is not a conference in a traditional sense, it is a mission-oriented platform for evidence-led dialogue involving researchers, scholars, educators, policy makers, and stakeholders in science endeavours. The overarching theme is Quality through Equality. The purpose is to identify sources and consequences of biases and gaps in research evidence, science knowledge, and science practice that put into question claims of scientific excellence. A common source of gender-related bias in research is the historical underrepresentation of women as researchers and research subjects, and the widespread use of the ‘male’ as the norm in biology and behaviour studies, in animals and humans. The consequence has been that quality of research outcomes has been often poorer for women than for men, but also sometime the other way around, e.g., in breast cancer and osteoporosis studies which assumed the ‘female’ to be the norm.

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Upcoming events

  • GS24

    22 May 2024 – 23 May 2024, ONLINE

    GS24 will focus on new research evidence, fresh analytical approaches, and evidence-based practices to better understand when, how and why biological, gender, and social inequalities impact negatively on quality of research outcomes

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