GS10 Speakers

Miyako Asai


Shibaura Institute of Technology

Miyako Asai participated Natsugaku, Summer School for High and junior High School Girls, in summer of 2010 when she was in 11th grade. In 2013, she enrolled in Department of Electronic Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology.  Same year, she became a teaching assistant (TA) of Natsugaku. She has been contributed in planning programs offered in Natsugaku. On the days of event, she assisted participants of Natsugaku who were junior and senior high school girls. In addition, she provided tips of how to study STEM subject to those girls during the 3 days seminar. She continued to take part in Natsugaku as the member of the planning and executive committee in the following years and, in 2016, became the leader of Natsugaku TA.
In April, 2017 she started postgraduate study in Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduate School of Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology.  She is now conducting research on development of Brain-Computer Interface.