GS10 Speakers

Ruiping Gao


Vice President, National Natural Science Foundation of China
Committee Member, Committee of Female S&T Researchers under China Association for Science and Technology

Ruiping Gao is the Vice President of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Prof. Gao received her B.Sc and master degree from the Northeastern University of China, and received her Ph.D from University of Science and Technology Beijing, respectively. From September 1999 to September 2000, Prof. Gao worked at the Georgia Institute of Technology as a visiting scholar.  Prof. Gao is engaged in research on material science and management on science fund, has successively carried out research in metal materials, high-performance ceramic materials in Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, and carried out research in nano-materials in Georgia Institute of Technology. During her work in NSFC, Prof. Gao has organized research on development strategy of material science, devoted herself in setting up rules and regulations at the same time, strengthening project management, and promoting the standardization and refinement of science fund management. Prof. Gao has been advocating the legitimate rights and interests of female researchers, and making her due contribution to stimulation of the enthusiasm of female researchers and creation of a good environment where female researchers are able to play an effective role.