GS10 Speakers

Prof Sveva Avveduto


National Research Council, CNR-IRPPS Rome, Italy

Sveva Avveduto is Research Director at the National Research Council, IRPPS of Italy. Her main research  interests concern science and higher education policy and are focused on studies on human resources for  S&T, mobility issues of scientists, gender issues, science and society. She is the Head of the CNR Research Unit on Human Resources and Knowledge Society. She has been Chair OECD Group on Steering and Funding of Research Institutions and vice-chair OECD Group on Research Institutions and Human Resources. She has been national Expert in OECD Activities concerning postgraduate training, women in science, employment and mobility. She has worked or is currently working as WP leader, in several Projects funded by the European Commission: GENERA, EVIDENCE, CARISMAND, CITYCOP, MAPPING, RESPECT, SMART, CONSENT, SET-DEV. She has been professor at the Graduate School ‘Socialtrends’, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ and at the Master on Science, Technology and Innovation at Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione in Rome and Bologna.