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I felt that I learned so much. There appears to be a revolution in people's conceptualization of sex/gender.  Like all human constructs it is changing... The summit really changed my thoughts. For that I am very grateful.  Thank you for a wonderful summit 

Thank you for a formidable Summit! 

Congratulations [on] a very successful summit.The presentations were really inspiring and the meeting was a great networking opportunity. Look forward to continue supporting the movement."

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WISET holds Gender – Forum: The Role of Gender - based Innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, What are our next Steps in Korea?

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The Korea Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET) held a Gender- Forum today dedicated to exploring how to further the important recommendations of the recent GS report ““The Role of Gender-based Innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Toward 2030: Better Science and Technology for All”. The report was produced following the recommendation at the GS6AP to integrate gender considerations in science and technology across all 17 of the UN SDGs. Its contributors came from organisations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, universities and development organisations in 10 countries. The Korean members included Dr Paik Hee Young of KOFWST, Dr Jang Yong Suk of STEPI and Green Technology Center Korea President Changmo Sung. The Gender-Forum was a vital platform to gather expert insight to define the possible challenges that lay ahead and gather concrete recommendations for actions that will help with the successful implementation of the recommendations. Read the full Gender-Forum report.