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Changmo Sung

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Endowed Chair Professor at Korea Institute of Research Development (KIRD)

Changmo Sung is currently an extraordinary Professor working on the strategic planning and policy innovation of global energy and environment at Green Graduate School, Korea University. He is a fellow of the Korea Academy of Science and Technology. He had been Expert Member at Technology Executive Committee, UNFCCC for 2 years and a president of Green Technology Center Korea for 4 years, an established government institution to coordinate and make green & climate technology policies. Dr. Sung was a president and CTO of Hyosung Corporation and was responsible for corporate R&D Institute for five years. He was a recipient of the National Honorary Medal of Science & Technology, Korea and had worked as President of the Inje University, Pusan in 2004 after 23 years residence in the United States. He was also serving as Presidential Committee on Policy Planning and National Special Committee of Innovation Science Technology in Korea. He had been a tenured professor at the Department of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell from the year 1992 to 2003 and involved in NSF Nano-manufacturing Center. He had published more than 100 technical papers in materials and nano-engineering fields.