Workshop: Advancing the collection methods and quality of gender data for SDGs

The motivation for this workshop comes from the concerns the lack of country-level data for SDG 5 where on average only about 4 in 10 countries have data available, whilst, at the same time, the UN Secretary General warns that “no country is on track to meeting the goal of gender equality – without which none of the others will be met”. The expert report Applying gender lenses to the interlinkages and synergies between SDGs, published in December 2020, shows that in addition to the lack of statistical data, SDG5 and gender equality goals are often missing from the analyses and models used to identify best strategies for SDG implementation.

Aims of the webinar
Demonstrate and discuss ways to close gaps in SDG-related gender equality data and indicators (Ginette Azcona, UN Women)
Demonstrate and discuss ways to improve approaches used to identify interlinkages and synergies between SDGs (Eun Mee KIM, EWHA)
Demonstrate and discuss how to close gender gaps in the knowledge base used to inform policies and strategies for SDGs implementation (Elizabeth Pollitzer, Portia)
Demonstrate and discuss consequences of gender gaps in current research for SDGs (Elsevier)
Discuss and, with input from participants, recommend actions needed to make improvements during the Decade of Action, and what mechanisms could help improve how gender is understood and treated when implementation efforts are evaluated (e.g. Peer Communities of Practice, UNECE Gender Responsive Standards Initiative, Science-Society-Policy partnerships etc.) (All).

2-hour webinar

Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, Director, Portia, co-editor of "Applying gender lenses to the interlinkages and synergies between SDGs expert report"

Prof Eun Mee KIM, President, EWHA Women’s University, South Korea, Member of the UN appointed Independent Science Expert Group co-author of the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019
Dr Holly Falk-Krzesinki, Vice President, Research Intelligence, International Center for the Study of Research (ICSR), Elsevier, USA, and co-producer of a bibliometric analysis of research for SDGs with sex/gender content
Ginette Azcona, Research and Data Policy Specialist at UN Women, and co-author of UN Women's 2018 report Turning Promises into Action.
Prof Jonathan Dawes, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath, co-author of "Applying gender lenses to the interlinkages and synergies between" SDGs expert report