GS4 Speakers

Assoc. Prof Claartje Vinkenburg (GS4EU)

Claartje J. Vinkenburg, Gender Summit 4 EU speaker
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Amsterdam Center for Career Research Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Claartje J. Vinkenburg is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and managing director of the Amsterdam Center for Career Research at VU University Amsterdam. Her research, partly funded by the European Research Council, deals with gender and ethnic diversity in professional and academic careers, critically exploring the impact of implicit bias, normative beliefs, and discursive practices on selection and promotion processes, career patterns and outcomes. Claartje is responsible for a course on Leading Diversity in Organizations and a thesis Master Class, and supervises various PhD candidates.

Dr Vinkenburg spoke on Capturing Gendered Career Paths of ERC Grantees and Applicants in Plenary Session 3 Maximising Capacity of Science Human Capital and Knowledge Communities at the Gender Summit 4 EU 2014.