GS4 Speakers

Sybille Reidl (GS4EU)

Sybil Reidl, Gender Summit 4 EU speaker
Sybille Reidl, Researcher, Centre for Economic and Innovation Research (Policies), Joanneum Research GmbH, Austria.

Mag.a Sybille Reidl studied sociology at the University of Vienna. Since 2003 she works as a researcher at the Centre for Economic and Innovation Research (POLICIES) of Joanneum Research GmbH which is focused on applied research and consulting services in the fields of science, technology and innovation (STI). Her main research areas are gender/diversity and human resources in STI (especially promotion of equal opportunities, promotion of young researchers / teenagers in natural sciences and engineering). Currently she is involved in three different gender in research projects in the fields of medicine, sensor technology and optotechnology as a gender consultant. 

Ms Reidl will spoke on The challenges and potentials of gendered innovation projects: an interdisciplinary perspective in Plenary Session 5 Advancing Considerations of Gender in Research Methods at the Gender Summit 4 EU 2014.