GS4 Speakers

Dr Anne-Sophie Godfroy

Dr Godfroy, Gender Summit 4 EU speaker

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Université Paris Est Créteil, France.

Anne-Sophie Godfroy PhD is associate professor of Philosophy at University Paris-Est-Creteil-Val-de-Marne and researcher at the research centre "Science Norms Decision" (SND, FRE 3593), a joint lab of the CNRS and the University Paris Sorbonne. Her main research interests are methodology for international comparisons, science in society, gender. For ten years, she has participated in several European research projects about gender and Science & Technology. She is currently in charge of the methodology of the GenderTime project with Prof Silvana Badaloni (University of Padova).

Dr Godfroy spoke on How to measure progress towards gender equality? in Plenary Session 5 Advancing Considerations of Gender in Research Methods at the Gender Summit 4 EU 2014.