register buttonRegistration Overview

The Gender Summit registration process consists of three steps:      

1.    Your Contact Details —> keep you passport/ID ready for entry pass to the European Commission     

2.    Your Summit Interests —> have your abstract ID ready, if you already submitted one     

3.    Your Registration & Payment  —> you’ll need a credit card for this. If you’re a student, upload your ID first here Items marked with an asterisk* are mandatory. Your data is SSL encrypted, and will not be forwarded to any 3rd parties. Save payment is guaranteed through partnering with Stripe.  

What You Need to Register     

•    passport or ID* —> for entry pass to the European Commission     

•    VAT number —> if you want to receive a valid VAT receipt and claim back VAT on your registration     

•    your abstract ID —> if you have already submitted an abstract. If you haven’t you can do so at     

•    your student card / an electronic copy (image/scan) of it—> if you want to register as a student, we will ask you to upload your student ID as proof      

•    your credit card*  —> for  reasons of security, convenience, we ask you to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) We’re happy to have partnered with the online payment partner ’Stripe’. In exceptional cases, we accept payments via bank transfer. Please see the detailed information below for further details

Registration Step by Step

1. Contact Details

You will be first asked to provide your title*, name*, gender, birth date*, passport/ID number* and nationality*. We need this information to create your delegate profile, to get you an access pass for the conference room at the European Commission, and to provide you with additional support such as Visa letters and invoices. We then ask for your contact details. Please provide a valid email address to ensure that you receive the registration confirmation. Should you wish to receive an invoice, fill out the invoice address. For a VAT invoice, we’ll need your VAT number. If you are active online, we offer you to link with your website or social media profiles. If you give us permission, we will also publish your website under 'resources' and mention your twitter account in 'who is coming' to give you and your work further visibility.

2. Sessions and Interests

In this section, we will ask you about the topics that are of key interest to you, and for the reasons for your participation in this conference. This information will help us finalise the knowledge exchange, and create the right networking opportunities for you.  If you submitted an abstract to present at the Gender Summit, please fill out the ID of your abstract and the title of your presentation. This will allow us to ensure that your presentation is included correctly in the programme. If you haven’t already done so, but would like to, you can do so at You can then chose to join the Gender Summit Community and create a networking profile. This profile will allow you to showcase your expertise, to identify and get in touch with like-minded delegates.

3. Registration Details

(1) You will find a summary of the rates, and be asked to confirm the accuracy of the information provided in this form.

(2) Below is a summary of the ‘terms and conditions’; please ensure that you read the full version here before confirming your agreement.

(3) You can then chose your rate (standard, non-profit or student), and additional options (UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE). And enter your payment details. We accept payments with all major credit cards. These are handled by the payment provider Swipe and transmitted SSL encrypted for optimal security. If you need to pay by bank transfer* please contact A handling fee will apply.

(4) If you require an invoice, Visa letter, or information about Brussels, would like to receive updates on the Gender Summit, or have other requests or comments, you can also let us know in this section. Once everything is filled out, please press ‘register now’. Do not press refresh or click again as this may result in faulty registrations.

What happens next?     

1)    Immediately after submitting, you will be redirected to a registration landing page. From here, you can share your registration via Facebook or Twitter.     

2)    Within 5 minutes, you should receive ‘confirmation of submission’ email from to the address provided during registration. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, please contact us via and let us know when you registered and under which name.     

3)    Within 3-6 working days, you will receive your registration confirmation. Please note that your registration is not complete until your submission is processed and approved. This can take 3-6 working days, depending on your choice of payment. You will then receive a confirmation letter and invoice which serves as your entry ticket to the event.      

4)    2-4 weeks before the Summit: Depending on your other choices, you will also get access to the Gender Summit community or receive further information about your project/abstract.