We would like to extend our thanks to the members of the GS9 Europe Committee. 

  • Dr Fredrik Bondestam, Director, Unit for Gender Research, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research; NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender, Gothenburg University, Sweden.
  • Prof Jacques Mairesse, Professorial Fellow, Maastricht University, Netherlands.
  • Dr Ingeborg W. Owesen, Senior Adviser, BALANSE-program coordinator, Research Council of Norway (RCN).
  • Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, Director, Portia Ltd; Gender Summit founder.
  • Prof Martina Schraudner, Head of Department, Gender and Diversity in Organizations, Technical University Berlin; Director of Responsible Research and Innovation Unit, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany.
  • Prof Lars Wärngård, Director Planning and Process Development, Forte, Sweden.
  • Prof Mieke Verloo, Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues, Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Prof Lars Wärngård, Gender Summit speaker

Director Planning and Process Development, Forte, Sweden.

Lars Wärngård is Director of Planning and Process Development at Forte (Swedish council for Health, Working life and Welfare). Forte is a governmental agency organized under the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.  He is also Adjunct Professor in Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University and Associate professor in Toxicology at the Karolinska Institute. Lars Wärngård also has extensive experience in management in the public and private sector.


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Frederick Bondestam, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Head of operations for GMA (Gender Mainstreaming Academia in Sweden), Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research; NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

Dr Fredrik Bondestam has a doctorate in sociology (2004, Uppsala University) on feminist theory, gender equality and gender mainstreaming in academia, and has since then done research on gender and higher education in different respects, foremost on gender and organisational change, critical and feminist pedagogy and teaching, sexual harassment and violence, implementation of gender equality and gender mainstreaming, among other. His research spans other fields as well, for example risk, organisation and masculinities, gendered teaching in elementary schools, the role of feminist theory and methodology in sociological research. His main field of expertise is thus research politics, higher education, gender and gender mainstreaming in a broad sense, emanating from pioneering work at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, within the framework of a Centre of Excellence. 

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Dr Ingeborg W. Owesen, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Senior Adviser, BALANSE-program coordinator, Research Council of Norway (RCN).

Dr Owesen is a senior adviser at the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The Research Council of Norway is a national strategic and funding agency for research activities, and a chief source of advice on and input into research policy for the Norwegian Government, the central government administration and the overall research community. Dr Owesen is also the co-ordinator of the BALANSE-program. The Initiative on Gender Balance in Senior Positions and Research Management (BALANSE) seeks to promote gender balance at the senior level in Norwegian research through new knowledge, learning and innovative measures.

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Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, Gender Summit 9 Eu speaker

Director, Portia Ltd, UK; founder, Gender Summit

Elizabeth Pollitzer PhD is founder and Director of Portia, an organization devoted to improving gender equality in STEM and promoting the inclusion of the gender dimension in STEM. She has 20 years’ experience teaching and researching in the Departments of Computing and Management at Imperial College, University of London. Her original training was in Biophysics. She now applies this scientific background to her work as director of Portia. Portia was the coordinator of the genSET project, the Gender Summits were established as part of the genSET project.

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