Who are the panelists ?

 BONFIL SANCHEZ PALOMA PLENARY4 Specialized in Indigenous women’s issues, I am committed to women’s rights, cultural diversity and justice, and have carried out my work mostly in Mexico as an academic, consultant, activist and civil servant advocating for Indigenous women´s rights. Topic: The professionalization of resistance among young indigenous women leaders. New challenges and opportunities for academic and applied research in Mexico and Latin America
Paloma Bonfil Sanchez
Project coordinator, Interdisciplinary Group on Women, Poverty and Work
Mexican historian and ethnohistorian with a PhD as a rural sociologist. She has been working with Indigenous women for more than 25 years. Consultant with various UN agencies, and the International Human Rights Commission on cases related to the violation of indigenous women’s rights. As a researcher, she has coordinated formative processes for Indigenous women (as promoters, and as researchers themselves). She has also been head of public policies and programs directed toward the empowerment of Indigenous women. She has 4 books, and more than 50 articles and essays published in Mexico and elsewhere. She has been the recipient of two awards in recognition for her work.