Who are the panelists ?

 CRAGGS MILNE KAREN Karen's unique perspective and approach is what makes her so effective in this field of work. She has the ability to transform individuals and organizations inside out and to make relevant something that is often distant for many people, particularly men. As Director of Gender Equality & Inclusion, this is exactly what she is doing at AIMS. @KarenCraggs
Karen Craggs-Milne
Global Group Director, Gender Equality, Inclusion & Business Development, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) (Rwanda)
Karen Craggs-Milne is Global Group Director, Gender Equality, Inclusion & Business Development at AIMS. She has more than 15 years experience focusing on gender equality and inclusion in several sectors and regions. Prior to joining AIMS, Karen served as senior gender advisor at Plan International Canada. Armed with a rare combination of vision, inclusive leadership and technical skill, Karen’s passion for gender equality is inspiring and contagious.