Who are the panelists ?

 Einstein Gillian Gillian Einstein studies brain and behaviour in the context of other body systems and in the context of people’s lives in order to incorporate both sex and gender in our understanding of gendered health conditions.
Gillian Einstein
Wilfed and Joyce Posluns Chair of Women's Brain Health and Aging, University of Toronto
Gillian Einstein is The Wilfred and Joyce Posluns Chair in Women’s Brain Health and Aging, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and Guest Professor of Gender and Health at Linköping University. She has published in vision, Alzheimer disease, sex differences, hormones and mood. Her research is on the effects of estrogens and culture on women’s biologies specifically, cognitive and brain changes in women who have had their ovaries removed before natural menopause. The overarching question is: How do both sex and gender mediate women’s brain health?