Who are the panelists ?

 HENKEL DANIELE I have often been forced to put one knee to the ground, but i always kept the other one to get back up. @daniele_henkel
Danièle Henkel
President, Danièle Henkel inc.
Daniele Henkel is a businesswoman who created a strong and unique brand in the province of Quebec. Her eponymous company aims to reconcile health and business with the installation of care facilities within the workplace, thus enforcing the concept of wellness as a new social norm in the business world. Daniele Henkel is at the forefront of the fight for a stronger corporate Quebec and a fierce advocate of the promotion of women entrepreneurship in Quebec; she does not hesitate to finance, support and mentor businesses in which she believes in, as demonstrated during her five seasons on Quebec’s ‘’Dragon’s Den’’. While life has not always been easy for the intuitive entrepreneur, her obsession to create a softer, more caring world remains.