Who are the panelists ?

 Kee Jacsm Jac sm Kee is a feminist activist working on the intersection of internet, politics and human rights, at local and global levels. @jhybe
Jac sm Kee
Director of the Women's Rights Programme, Association for Progressive Communications
Jac sm Kee is a feminist activist & writer. She heads the Women's Rights Programme at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). Her areas of focus include internet governance and human rights, sexuality, women’s rights, and internet technologies and feminist movement building. Jac co-founded the Take Back the Tech! collaborative global campaign on technology-related violence against women, and collectively developed the Feminist Principles of the Internet. She is currently serving as a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group for the Internet Governance Forum, board member for CREA and co-director of Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia.