Who are the panelists ?

 KLINGE INEKE Gender expert with biomedical background, engaged in developing innovative methodologies for biomedical and health research at EU level and nationally. Topic: Implementation of sex and gender analysis by science funding bodies: examples of EC Horizon 2020 and Dutch ZonMW @inekeklinge
Ineke Klinge
Professor, Chair, Horizon 2020 Advisory Group for Gender Alliance for Gender and Health
Ineke Klinge chairs the EC Horizon 2020 Advisory Group for Gender. She has a background in biomedical sciences and gender research. She coordinated many EU projects e.g. the Gendered Innovations project together with Londa Schiebinger. This project developed methods of sex and gender analysis that now are implemented by several science funding bodies. She serves on the advisory board of the Institute for Gender and Health (Canada, until 2016)) and the European Institute for Women’s’ Health (EIWH). She is a member of the Dutch Alliance for Gender & Health that developed a research programme focusing on integration of sex and gender in health research and -care. This research program received a 4-year funding from the Dutch Ministry of Health in 2016.