Who are the panelists ?

 lee gosselin My goal is to contribute to the progress of gender equity through raising questions, analysis and the deconstruction of social and organizational processes that generate and maintain social gender inequities within organizations and families.
Hélène Lee-Gosselin
Full Professor and Director of l’Institut Femmes, Sociétés, Égalité et Équité, Université Laval
Hired in 1981, she is full professor of Management Department (Faculté des sciences de l’administration, Université Laval). She holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology (UofM). Her research and interventions focus on the diverse realities of women and work, on equity and ethics in organizations. Since December 2016, she head the new Institut Femmes, Sociétés, Égalité et Équité (IFSÉÉ) and conduct collaborative research on women in senior functions and boards, entrepreneurs (natives and immigrants) and women in traditionally male dominated professions.