Who are the panelists ?

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Allison Sekuler
Sandra A. Rotman Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience; Senior Scientist, Rotman Research Institute; Vice-President Research, Baycrest Hospital; Professor, Psychology, University of Toronto; Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University
Dr. Allison B. Sekuler (BA in Mathematics and Psychology, Pomona College; PhD in Psychology, University of California, Berkeley) is the Sandra A. Rotman Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, Senior Scientist in the Rotman Research Institute, and Vice-President Research, Baycrest Health Sciences. She also is a Professor in Psychology at the University of Toronto and in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster University. Her research focuses on cognitive neuroscience, visual perception, neural plasticity and learning, and aging, and she was the first Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience (2001-2011). Before joining Baycrest, Dr. Sekuler championed research and research training, and equity, diversity and inclusivity, in a number of key administrative roles at McMaster University including Strategic Advisor to the President and Vice-Presidents on Academic Issues, interim Vice-President Research, Associate Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies, and Associate Vice-President Research. Dr. Sekuler is Group Chair of NSERC’s Scholarships & Fellowships Selection Committees, and a member of NSERC’s Committee for Discovery Research. She co-founded FoVea (Females of Vision et al.) and is leading development of a novel virtual mentoring program for Women in Science and Engineering (@mentorsWISE).