Who are the panelists ?

 Sienstra Deborah describes herself as passionately involved in feminist disability research, teaching/learning and collaboration. @dstienstra
Deborah Stienstra
Jarislowsky Chair in Families and Work, Professor, Political Science and Director, Centre for Families, Work and Well-being, University of Guelph
Deborah Stienstra holds the Jarislowsky Chair in Families and Work at the University of Guelph and is the director of the Centre for Families, Work and Well-being there. Previously she was a professor of Disability Studies at University of Manitoba. She has published broadly in the area of disability rights and policies, global development and disability, and women and disabilities. Her research and publications explore the intersections of disabilities, gender, childhood, and Indigenousness, identifying barriers to, as well as possibilities for, engagement and transformative change.