GS16 Speakers

Toni Moate


Director, National Collections and Marine Infrastructure (NCMI), Australia

Toni Moate is CSIRO’s Director, National Collections and Marine Infrastructure (NCMI), which sees her lead the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), Marine National Facility (MNF), and National Research Collections Australia (NRCA). As the Director, National Collections and Marine Infrastructure, Toni is responsible for ensuring CSIRO’s national collections and marine infrastructure are effectively positioned, managed and utilised for long term financial sustainability and support science delivery in the national interest. Prior to her current role Toni was Executive Director, Future Research Vessel Project and Deputy Chief, Science Operations for CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. As Executive Director of the $120M Future Research Vessel Project, Toni was responsible for management oversight of the design, build and commissioning of the research vessel, co-ordination of the prioritisation and acquisition of scientific equipment, contract and financial management, and maintaining high level relationships.