GS8 North & Latin America 2016

Science without borders: Improving impact by interlinking gender, geographic, disciplinary and educational dimensions. Mexico City, 2016

This Gender Summit 8 highlighted how science can be a tool to break all kinds of borders: gender, geographic, disciplinary and educational borders. The kind of science able to break these boundaries comes from an environment of diversity and inclusion, key elements to innovation.

The GS8 introduced the Latin American perspective to the second North American Gender Summit and will move towards an exercise of a multi-sector dialogue and a multidisciplinary reflection that enriches the development of policy instruments for gender equality in the field of science and technology.

Main Objectives: 

  1. Addressing gender issues in science and technology from a multidisciplinary approach.  
  2. Innovating from a gender perspective. 
  3. Achieving sustainable development through science and gender equality. 
  4. Adding the Latin American voice to the Gender Summit movement.