GS10 Speakers

Prof Li-Ling Tsai


Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Gender Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

Prof. Li-Ling Tsai is one of the key persons in Taiwan in the research field of gender and science. Before she completed her PhD degree, she obtained both master’s degrees in physics and gender studies, was an optical engineer, and taught college physics for almost a decade. With her extraordinary background bridging natural and social sciences, she has impressed the Taiwanese feminist community and the Taiwanese government; hence is invited to serve various government committees, including the human rights advisory board of the Taiwan President’s Office. She is now an associate professor and has been teaching graduate students in gender studies and gender education. She has been advocating gender equity in science and technology for almost 20 years. She is now leading a national project aiming to promote gender focus in scientific research by utilizing the discourse of gendered innovations.