GS20 Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts is CLOSED

The deadline for submitting abstracts was 22 August 2021

Please use this link to download the template instructions to prepare your abstract and learn about the requirements. Abstracts should be in English and not more than 500 words long

Once the abstract is ready, please upload to

Abstracts should be relevant to the topics covered by the GS20 Programme. The abstracts should focus on:

  • evidence and critical reflections on existing national- and regional-level actions to advance gender equality in science and innovation, including participation, decision-making, funding, outcomes
  • what works? Instruments, measures and practices to effectively tackle common biases and inequalities, including negative effects of stereotypes on careers and work cultures that tolerate microaggression, scientific harassment and prejudice
  • what are the persistent and emerging challenges to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in science-knowledge making
  • methods to integrate gender dimension (biological sex and/or sociocultural factors) into research process and content as a measure of scientific excellence, for bias free science knowledge and equitable research outcomes

However, abstracts offering interesting results on any other topic relevant to the general theme Enhancing scientific excellence to improve quality, equity, and societal relevance, of research outcomes

Abstracts will be selected on the basis of quality assessed by the Review Panel. The selection process can result in the following results:

  • Abstracts that contribute new research findings or examples of best practices may be selected for inclusion as panel speakers; or
  • Abstracts that report on ongoing projects with results already coming in may be selected for a poster presentation; or
  • Abstracts disseminating information about new or forthcoming research/project may be included in the poster exhibition; and
  • All abstracts apart of those that are disqualified on the grounds of poor quality will be included in the Book of Abstracts.

Because GS20 will be hosted as a virtual event, poster presentation will be pre-recorded and streamed on demand.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Abstract process, please email: (IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT email abstracts, all abstracts must be submitted via the Tresorit service linked at the top of this page).