GS5 Poster exhibition

The poster exhibition will run through-out the Summit in the Strelitzia Restaurant & the Roof Terrace Room

Accepted poster abstract submissions:

  • Archibong, U., GENOVATE – Journeying towards transforming organisational culture for gender equality in Research and InnovationUUU.
  • Chemutai Siele, A., Gender-specific Measurement of Food Insecurity in Three Communes of Makamba Province, Burundi
  • Craggs-Milne, K., AIMS African Institute for Mathematical Sciences 
  • Dale, H., The genSET consensus seminars - Recommendations for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science
  • Hurry, S.A Human Rights Impact Assessment to Evaluate HIV/AIDS Policy from a Gender Perspective in Mauritius
  • Kaminara, A. The European Year of Development 2015
  • Kapnang,H. B., Gender and Informal sector earnings gaps in Cameroon
  • Kombat Lambini, C., Women’s Economic Empowerment in Inclusive Agri-business and Addressing Food Security in Ghana: A case study of North-Eastern Corridor in Northern Ghana
  • Kupinski, M., Imaging Polarimetry in Urban Environments to Quantify Manmade Aerosols
  • Mack, K., The Society of STEM Women of Color, Inc.: An Intersectionality Theory Approach to Broadening Participation
  • Miraftab, F., Immigration and Global Restructuring of Social Reproduction
  • Mogale, S. M., The Culture of Prosecuting Violence against Women (VAW) in South Africa courts remains gendered
  • Nembaware, V., The H3Africa Consortium
  • Nhundu, K., Empowerment of rural women in agriculture: Implications to food security
  • Okaka, W., Public communication strategy for Gender Equality and Inclusive Development Policies in Africa
  • Panikowski, A. E., Woven Livelihoods: Women’s access to and use of Juncus kraussii and Cyperus latifolius in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Papalexandris, N., Gender Balance in Company Boards and its Impact on Economic Development
  • Pépin, A., The GENDER-NET ERA-NET
  • Pépin, A. et al, Driving Excellence through Transformational Gender Action Plans
  • Pollitzer, E., Portia Gender in Science
  • Sidibe, H., Rehabilitation Project a shelter, listening, training and rehabilitation of women boys girls in difficult situations or wastage of the Department of Elmina in Mauritania
  • Salo, E., Thirsty for Access. Women’s access to water - a continental study of transboundary river basin agreements and national water policies
  • Vardanyan, E., Association of Commonwealth Universities: Gender Programme