GS17 Registration

Registration is now CLOSED.


The venue for GS17 Amsterdam is : Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam

Registration fees

Registration currency for GS17 is EUR - Euros:

• Private Individual Early Bird (ends 15 July 2019): EUR180+VAT
Regular Private Individual (after 15 July 2019): EUR250+VAT
Organisations (all Government, Academic and Non-Profit Organisations): EUR250+VAT
Corporate: EUR400+VAT
Students and Retired (conditions and verification process applies, see notes below): EUR70+VAT

For those of you registering on behalf of other people or on behalf of groups, the registration system has the appropriate functionality built-in to enable group and third-party registrations.

Please see below for information on Press Accreditation.

The registration system is kindly being hosted by Elsevier. As part of their sponsorship and commitment to the Gender Summit mission, Elsevier have very kindly donated use of both their registration system and payment processing facilities for GS17 registrations.

For GS17 specific enquiries or problems with registration please email

Registration Guidance Notes

(1) Non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferrable.

Please note that due to logistics and planning constraints, except in special circumstances, Gender Summit registration fees are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferrable.

(2) Information regarding "abstract ID" on the registration system

On the registration form, you may see a field requesting an "Abstract ID".

Please note the following instructions regardng "Abstract ID":

  • Leave this field blank, even if you are planning to submit an abstract. The registration will complete successfully without an "Abstract ID";and
  • Please do not select that you are a presenting author, even if you are presenting an abstract – please select delegate and then you will not need to give a reference number. You will then be able to complete the registration online.

(3) Private individuals

Payment is made via credit card as part of the registration process. Post-payment by invoice is not available to private individuals and only available to corporates by prior agreement.

Please click on the "REGISTER" button below to be taken to the registration system.

(4) Student and Retired Registration

Student verification process may vary, but as a minimum you should be able to provide us with a signed letter from your department head attesting to your student status.

Verification for retirees may vary, but as a minimum:

  • You must be over 65 years of age; and
  • You should be prepared to provide us with a copy of your government ID (passport/ID card/driving license). We will notify you with details of a secure mechanism to enable you to provide us with this ID, please do not use email to send it to us !

(5) Corporations, Non-Profit and Public Sector (Government)

If your corporation, non-profit or public sector entity has credit cards avaiable, please use the automated system (see "REGISTER" button at the bottom of this page).

If your corporation, non-profit or public sector entity would like to request consideraton for payment by invoice, please contact the team at In your email, please state:

  • the names of delegates attending from your organisation; and
  • the official legal name (and legal registration number if applicable) of your legal entity and address for invoicing; and
  • your preferred currency for invoicing (you can choose from EUR, GBP or USD). AUD and NZD are also available, but only for domestic transfers within Australia and New Zealand (AUD and NZD are not available for cross-border SWIFT).

When we have received the information, we will consider it and contact you with our decision or if further information is needed. If you do not hear from us within 48–72 hours, please contact us again to ensure your request was received.

(6) Press Accreditation

Free of charge press accreditation is available for journalists, editors and similar roles working for recognised outlets.

For the purposes of media accreditation, please note that we do not recognise bloggers, "influencers" or other similar individuals operating in the social media sphere.

Requests for press accreditation are handled and reviewed manually. Please email us at with your details (please email from your work email account, requests from personal email accounts will be denied).