GS9 Practical Info

Venue information

BEL building brussels8-9 Nov 2016: Scientific & Practice Programme, BEL Brussels

BEL Set up on the initiative of Brussels Environment, the Environment and Energy Agency of the Brussels-Capital Region, BEL is an innovative, bright and friendly space. Housed in one of Europe's top eco-designed buildings, it is located in the heart of Brussels, on the Tour & Taxis site. Directions to BEL Brussels

Address: Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C/3002, B-1000 Brussels (BEL is located in the Bruxelles Environment/Leefmilieu Brussel Building). This building is located towards the back of the complex on the right-hand side near the canal.
Telephone: +32 (0)2 775 75 75
Direct Metro: Both lines 2 & 6 (going towards Elisabeth) will drop you off at the stop Ribaucourt which is the closet metro stop to the complex Tour & Taxis. Both metro lines depart from each stop from every 5-7 minutes.
Train Station: Bus 14 & 57 (going towards UZ Brussel/Hopital Militaire) departs from the bus station outside Gare Du Nord at the Rue du Progress entrance. The bus stop Armateurs is the closet to the BEL. Bus 14 departs every 15 minutes while bus 57 departs every 20 minutes.


On day 1, a shuttle bus is provided to take you from the European Parliament directly to the BEL. If you are attending the BEL only please arrive from 13:00.

Hemicylce, CC by SA Marco Ammon8 Nov 2016 (am) Political Programme, European Parliament

European Parliament  An important new milestone has been reached this year. The FEMM Committee of the European Parliament will host, as part of their political agenda, a half-day event to discuss gender and social impact of science. The FEMM event will take place in Hemicyle at the Parliament, Brussels, and will start on the morning of 8 Nov.  The Gender Summit scientific programme will follow-on at the BEL.

Registering at the European Parliament on 8 Nov 2016  The Gender Summit Registration Desk is in the European parliament's Ex INFO POINT at the Esplanade Solidarnosc (see map) from 7.00-8:30. You will there collect your access badge which needs to be worn visibly at all times and be escorted to the Gender Summit room by staff from European Parliament. Please note that due to the heightened security alert level at the European Parliament,  all participants must show a valid official photo-ID before entering the building and undergo security controls. Furthermore, all participants are also advised to print the confirmation of participation's email and keep it with you at all times whilst attending the Gender Summit. Remember if you arrive after registration closes, or leave the EP building you will not be authorised to enter again as we cannot escort you inside after 8.40. Please avoid bringing luggage to the European Parliament as there will not be storage facilities.

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