GS19 Selected Posters

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1. Advancing human well-being
(SDGs: 1, 4, 5, 6, 16, 17)

101 - How does the gender gap work (and why does it matter)? Academic career, productivity and public funds for science in Argentina.
Florencia Fiorentin, MarianoPereira, DianaSuarez

102 - Integration of the gender perspective in mathematics at university level. Yes, we can!
Irene Epifanio, Lara Ferrando

103 - Gender, Labour Markets and Public Action in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
Bustamante Sandra

104 - Setting up the award for female researchers and organizations supporting female researchers’ activities
F. Ezaki, D.Okada, H.Fujii, R.Matsumoto, Y.Araki, M.Nakamura, M.O.Watanabe

105 - Fostering healthy and sustainable organizations with a gender perspective: women leaders' positive personal resources
Mónica Segovia-Pérez, LaritzaMachín-Rincón, EvaCifre, PilarDomínguez-Castillo, PilarLaguna-Sánchez

106 - Sex and Gender Difference in Overlap Syndrome of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder and the Effect of Genetic Polymorphism
Ju Yup Lee, Nayoung Kim

107 - Sex omission and male bias are still widespread in cell experiments
Jun Yeob Kim, KyoungMi Min, Hee Young Paik, Suk Kyeong Lee

108 - Why are boys falling behind? Explaining gender gaps in school attainment in Sri Lanka
Rozana Himaz, HarshaAturupane

109 - Analysis of the 2030 Agenda in relation to violence against women in the Latin American context
Silvia Gas Barrachina

110 - Gender differences in the risk of cerebrovascular disease according to health-care utilization and medication adherence of newly treated hypertensive patients in Korea
Jiae Shin, DongwooHam, SangahShin, Hee Young Paik, HyojeeJoung

111 - Designing a Lumbar Corset for the Elderly Based on Body Shape Characteristics: A Gender Comparison
Jooyeon, Lee, Yunja,Nam, Jinhee,Park, Juyeon,Park

K Annapuranam

113 - “I wouldn’t know what to do with the breasts”: The impact of gender on clinical skills education.
Marina Politis, MeganElBrown, CamilleHuser

114 - Village savings and loans associations contribution to agriculture, food security and gender equality in the South Kivu province, in the Congo democratic Republic
Masheka Bercky Zihindula, Nabintu Eloise Bujiriri

115 - Sex differences in energy metabolism and gut microbiota composition in diet-induced obesity
Ji-In Yoon, Mi-Kyung Sung

116 - How can we ensure equal access to healthcare for women and girls in Rural and Remote Australia? Addressing urgent questions of gender in health through a needs analysis survey examining accessibility to life-saving point-of-care-ultrasound (PoCUS)
Nayana Parange, AmberBidner, EvaBezak

117 - ‘What’s Cooking in that Bag from South Africa? Cross-pollinating Innovations, Women Empowerment and the Cooking Transition
Olivia Muza, PamelaBigirimana

118 - Gender Factors in Addiction Studies
Youjin Lee, Jungrok Lee, Heisook Lee, Hyesun Gwak, JeongYee, Yeon Yu, Sangbeom Jun

119 - Analyzing the gender composition of research screening committees in South Korea
Son, Ju Yeon, Shin,Sukkyung

120 - Performance evaluation of AI speaker service for the elderly
JiYeoun Lee, Hee-JinChoi

121 - FemaleINSPIRES - International Network and Support Platform for Interdisciplinary Research Engineers and Scientists: a Case Study
Anna Bogush, EviViza, MicheleCano, FaridaAkiyanova, MichelleAfrifah, ZeinabElMaadawi, TheresaMkandawire, EstherPhiri, IntanSuciNurhati, SarahOlanrewajuAnyanwu

122 - Gender mainstreaming from the Policy Support System SDG-PSS lens for monitoring the enabling environment and achieving SDG6 in Tunisia
Olfa Mahjoub, AbderrahmanOuasli, NarjessHamrouni, GuillaumeBaggioFerla, Manzoor Qadir

123 - Gender Inclusive Engineering Education
Eunjeong Ma, Heisook Lee, Mi-Hye Kim

124 - An Exploratory Examination of Various Support Plans about Women’s Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Child Care : Focusing on Several Related Organizations
Youngjoo Nam, Hee Young Paik, SunWhaOk, SeongsuKu

125 - Sex/Gender Differences in the Effect of Lipid-Lowering Agents on Dementia Risk
Mi-Young Kim, HaejinJee, SooyoungShin, SukhyangLee, Yi-SookJung

126 - Estrogen-Regulated miR-10a/b as Gender- and Diabetes-Associated Biomarkers in Korean Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Min Seob Kim, HyunSeokChoi, MoxinWu, JiYeonMyung, EuiJoongKim, YongSungKim, Han-SeungRyu, SuckCheiChoi, TaeYangYu, SeEunHa, SeungilRo, MoonYoungLee

2. Ending hunger and achieving food and nutrition security for all
(SDGs: 2, 3, 5, 17)

201 - A study on alcohol policies considering gender perspective
Jung JeKarl

202 - Potential of Agroecology in Ensuring Food Security and Building Resilience amongst Women in Kenya
Nyasimi Mary

203 - Influence of Access and Ownership of Livelihood Assets on Household Food Security Status in Nigeria.
Ogunnaike Maria Gbemisola

204 - Sex-specific dietary responses in diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6 mice
Sung-Eun Kim, SukjoonYoon, Mi-KyungSung

205 - The effects of energy intake self-monitoring using a mobile application on anthropometric and metabolite profile changes: a randomized trial
Taiyue Jin, GyuminKang, SihanSong, HeejinLee, YangChen, Mal-SoonShin, Sung-EunKim, YoungjaH.Park, JungEunLee

206 - Incorporating gender differences into quantifying a food frequency questionnaire to examine the association of total energy intake and mortality
Minji Kang, Song-YiPark, CarolJ.Boushey, LynneR.Wilkens, LoïcLeMarchand, JeanHankin, Hee Young Paik

207 - Innovative reduction of postharvest losses of camel milk using magnetic refrigeration technology for improved household food security among pastoral communities of Kenya
Winfred Mueni Mulwa

208 - Genders and mental health problems in adolescence
Jeong Yee, Jung-RokLee, SangbeomJun, HeisookLee, YoujinLee, YeonYu, HyeSunGwak

209 - Gender differentials in intra-household decision making: case of small-scale rice farmers in Ekiti State, Southwest, Nigeria
Adekemi Obisesan

3. Protecting the planet and building resilience
(SDGs: 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17)

301 - New Bali under Sea Level Rise: Projected Inundated Areas and Adaptation Strategies for Tourism Industry in Seribu Islands, Indonesia
Intan S. Nurhati, GustiA.K.Surtiari, KarlinaTriana, IntanA.P.Putri, SariSeftiani

302 - Resilience and Build Back Strategies for the Coastal Tourism Industry from the COVID-19 Pandemic in SeribuIslands, Indonesia
Gusti A.K. Surtiari, IntanS.Nurhati, SariSeftiani, IntanA.P.Putri, KarlinaTriana

303 - Resolving gender inequality in access to disaster risk information
Siwon Song, Yong-SangChoi, Hye-SilKim, HeisookLee, Yoon-KyoungLee, ChangmoSung

304 - Unlocking the Swab: Characterizing Amphibian Skin Fungi
Jennie Wuest, SteveKutos, ElleM.Barnes, J.D.Lewis

305 - Gender Focus at climate action. Youth for Climate Argentina experience
Maria Elina Estébanez, RoquePedace, MagdalenaPedace, MaríaMercedesPombo

4. Ensuring access to sustainable energy transport
(SDGs: 5, 7, 11, 12, 17)

401 - “Greening” of the Sophomore Organic Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum
Cecilia H. Marzabadi, David Laviska, Nada Khan, Wyatt Murphy, Setrak Tanielyan, Robert Augustine

5. Sharing economic benefits ensuring safety of society
(SDGs: 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 17)

501 - Gender Work from Home During COVID19 Survey: Preliminary Results
Frize M, BezakE, LhotskaL, MarcuL, BarabinoG, IbrahimF, LimS, KaldoudiE,MarquesdaSilvaAM, StoevaM, TanP, TsapakiV

502 - Female labor Force Participation of Middle Eastern North African Immigrant Women in Canada
Fariba Solati, MurshedChowdhury, AshiqulHaque

503 - Understing Female Health Professionals’ Decisions to Remain, Return, or Exit the Professional Workforce: Interviews with Doctors, Nurses Allied Health Professionals
LEONG Li Zi, ClarissaTOH, HelenElizabethSMITH

6. Prioritising resources for local action to accelerate implementation
(SDGs: 5, 9, 11, 17)

601 - New methods for monitoring SDG research its gender dimensions
Mona Nedberg Østby, KajaWendt, FrøydisSteine

602 - Community Space Supporting Intergenerational Interaction in Aged Societies: Focus on Preferences of Senior based on Gender
Seunghyun Song, Sun-YoungRieh

603 - Towards a safe inclusive street environment: student’s perception of pedestrian safety in Sejong City’s urban-rural campus town
Ji-in Chang, HyunjinAn, Hye-YoungChung

604 - Gender-based Physical Evaluation of Soft Skin for the application of Collaborative Robots
Dongwon Shin, SungjunChoi, MinheeSon, CarolineSunyongLee

605 - Advancing Human wellbing: the genderfication of Artificial Intelligence
Vongalis Macrow Athena