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Elsevier, Gender Summit 7 Europe partnerElsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions — among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligence and ClinicalKey — and publishes nearly 2,200 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and over 25,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works.

Robert Bosch Stiftung, Gender Summit 7 Europe partnerThe Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of Europe's largest foundations associated with a private company and continues the charitable pursuits of Robert Bosch (1861 - 1942), the founder of both the company and the Foundation. It invests approximately 70 million euros annually in supporting approximately 800 of its own as well as third-party projects in the fields of international relations, education, society and culture, as well as health and science. Since its founding back in 1964, the Foundation has used more than 1.2 billion euros for charitable activities.

NordForsk, Gender Summit 7 Europe partnerNordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers that provides funding for and facilitates Nordic cooperation on research and research infrastructure. NordForsk seeks to enhance the quality, impact and efficiency of Nordic research cooperation, thereby helping the Nordic region to become a world leader in research and innovation.

Portia, Gender Summit 7 Europe partnerPortia Ltd (co-founders of the Gender Summits) designs and implements effective, evidence-based strategies for advancing quality of research and innovation through gender. Our work covers gender equality issues in STEM and gender dimension in the content, process and impact of science (STEM) endeavours. We work through national and international partnerships, involving scientific community, industry, policy makers and gender research scholars, to enhance science knowledge making; improve institutional practices and process; promote human capital; and ensure compliance with regulation. We believe firmly in putting the views and needs of science at the centre of the gender equality debate in science, and as a key to achieving sustainable economic growth and promoting Europe’s role as a global R&D leader. Portia co-founded the Gender Summits in 2011 as part of a project we co-ordinated, genSET.

KIF website The Committee for gender balance and diversity in research (KIF) is appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The committee is in its fourth period. KIF shall support and give recommendations regarding measures that promote the integration of gender balance and ethnic diversity activities at universities and research institutes. Its activities also encompass promoting gender and ethnic diversity perspectives in research. This is done through counseling academic institutions, arranging seminars, disseminate research and doing advocacy work. provides news, research and tools. Follow KIF on Twitter and Facebook.

Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, Gender Summit partner organisationThe Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, University of Gothenburg   The central aim of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is to strengthen the impact of research and knowledge about gender and gender equality in academia and the rest of society. We interact closely with the gender research community and follow the developments in research policy in order to integrate a gender perspective both nationally and internationally.   The Secretariat provides, as commissioned by the Swedish Government, a support structure for gender mainstreaming in 41 governmental agencies from a wide range of sectors. Recently the Secretariat has also been commissioned to support gender mainstreaming in higher education, including over 30 universities.

DaVinci logoThe DaVinci Institute is a think tank and consultancy specialising in collaborations for smart, creative & sustainable innovation. We act as a facilitator for innovative, trans-disciplinary activities in the field of research, culture and policy that aim to effectively address societal challenges. As a think tank, the DaVinci Institute initiates discussions, engages in conversations and curates information on innovation-focussed collaboration. Through its network of experts, the DaVinci Institute supports European organisations, projects and collaborations through tailored management, training and dissemination services.

Media Partners

International Innovation, Gender Summit 7 Europe partnerInternational Innovation is the flagship free-to-access publication from Research Media, publishing global insight and analysis on current scientific research trends, as well as funding and policy issues. Coverage spans the breadth of scientific disciplines, with key focus on the interdisciplinary areas of healthcare, environment and technology. International Innovation’s primary aim is to make research understandable and discoverable for a broad audience. Our specialism lies in bringing clarity from complexity, offering a different and unique forum for the communication and dissemination of publicly- and privately-funded research. International Innovation brings research to life in new and exciting ways. We develop bespoke and proven research dissemination solutions to meet our client’s needs. Utilising the range of opportunities open to us we are able to offer a multi-platform, multi-channel approach, as well as access to the broadest possible audience across the spectrum of research, policy and practice.


Pan European Networks, Gender Summit 7 Europe partnerHaving accumulated vast experience over many years, the team at Pan European Networks are devoted to providing the most relevant and up to date information for the use of not only the European Commission, but all government agencies and departments across the continent of Europe. Whether it is from a scientific, educational or groundbreaking news perspective, our goal is to make sure that both the public and private sectors have the ability to communicate at the same level. Our publications will give opportunity to some of the leading figures from across Europe to discuss current and future projects, policy change and problematic issues within science, technology, education, health, defence and wider governance. It is not only the European Commission or the government agencies and departments of European nation states that need to communicate; it is also at ground level in science and academia where vital dialogues take place. This is the only way Europe can exist on a functional level and is why we will gather the key interviews and articles from the most important people in their fields, whether they be EU Commissioners, national leaders or Nobel Prize winners, to help you stay informed and stay in front.

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Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy in Pozan, Gender Summit suporting organisationBBSRC, Gender Summit supporting organisationBTCCharite, Gender Summit supporting organisationCONACYT, Gender Summit supporting organisationCentre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique, Gender Summit speakerDFG logoEMBO supporterc supportEuropean University Association, Gender Summit supporting organisationfesta partnerFraunhofer partnergarcia supportGenera supportGeorge Institute of Global Health, Gender Summit supporting organisationjoanneum supportLERUOslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Science, Gender Summit suppoing organisationRTWH supportSTAGES, Gender Summit supporting organisation Swansea-UniTel Aviv University, Gender Summit supporting organisationUniversity of Stuttgart, Gender Summit supporting organisationUniversiteit Leiden, Gender Summit supporting organisationUBA supportVetenskapsradet supportWISET support
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