GS19 Connection Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Gender Summit - Global for SDGs 

You can participate in two ways

1. The videos are available on Elsevier Researcher Academy

Elsevier Researcher Academy: pre-recorded talks with live Comments for Q&A 

There will be one additional simple registration process on the Researcher Academy requiring you to provide your name, email and a your chosen password. This needs to be done only once. Once you have registered there you can access all GS19 content.

We also have a navigation guide available for Elsevier Researcher Academy, you can read it here.

2. For people viewing after the conclusion of the event, we also have a number of Youtube playlists available:

DAY 1-
DAY 2 -


Theme 1:

Theme 2:

Theme 3:

Theme 4:

Theme 5:

Theme 6:

Theme 7:

Theme 8:

Theme 9:

However please note that not all speakers have provided edited videos or given permission to feature on the playlists. You can find their content on Elsevier Researcher Academy.