I felt that I learned so much. There appears to be a revolution in people's conceptualization of sex/gender.  Like all human constructs it is changing... The summit really changed my thoughts. For that I am very grateful.  Thank you for a wonderful summit 

Thank you for a formidable Summit! 

Congratulations [on] a very successful summit.The presentations were really inspiring and the meeting was a great networking opportunity. Look forward to continue supporting the movement."

Feedback from GS participants

Having studied gender issues throughout the course of my studies, I thought myself to have a pretty good idea of what would transpire at the Gender Summit Africa. Notably, the fundamentals of the plight for gender equality remain. However, it was truly amazing for my eyes to be opened regarding the extent to which the relevance of the gender lens is missed in STEM fields.

Feedback from GS5 participants

As a scientist, the discussions on the importance of sex in experimental design were most valuable.  As an employee of a university, the discussions on the importance of improving gender equality in improving the quality (outputs, effectiveness) of committees and working groups stood out.

I enjoined every session, every speech, the possibility to listen to the Parliament workers, to reread printed illustrative materials, to get acquainted with specialists in gender issues from different countries from the around world.

I liked the whole setting very much: in the heart of the EC. Also the mix of the various subject was very interesting.

I liked best the identification of new speakers, not having the "usual suspects".

Gender equality and gendered science considerations and research were explored, with high quality contributions.

Feedback from GS4 participants

I very much enjoyed the meeting and the interaction with so many scientists and policy makers from all walks of life and science. The meeting exceeded my expectations by far.

I remain highly committed to bring as much as I can home of what I learned while at the Summit.

What a terrific and inspiring summit.

I was very pleased and honored to be a part of the program.  You had an amazing amount of talent in one place.

Feedback from GS3 participants

Topics were well selected and presenters were very engaging. 

Very informative and interesting. 

Up to date information on what others do about increasing the gender balance in universities/technological sciences. 

[An] opportunity to meet relevant and interested parties. 

Feedback from GS2 participants

Congratulations for the success of the gender summit - I really think it has been a turning point in terms of support to gender equality in science 


Congratulations on a very successful meeting and thank you for the invitation to participate.

Feedback from GS1 participants