GS21 Speaker presentations (PPTs)

This page contains PDF files of speaker presentations.

N.B. This page only contains files where speakers have given consent for publishing.  If a file is not shown, regrettably we will be unable to provide it to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Geneviève Almouzni – The European Research Council : means to promote more equity in scientific research

Daniel Armanios – Novel mixed methods and approaches to isolate structural components in community dynamics

Janice Bailey – Equity, diversity, inclusion: Lessons for science institutions & research careers

Jadranka Gvozdanović – Female scholars in the pandemic: the need for sustainable career measures and improved selection procedures

Cyrill Walters – The impact of the pandemic-enforced lockdown on scholarly work and productivity of women ac academics

Heisook Lee – Amending Framework Act on Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea to include integrating sex and gender into research

Sally Male – Science and Engineering in Digital Space Gender inclusivity in engineering education

Alice McGushin – The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress Through Novel Indicators

Sandra McNally – Gender Differences in Tertiary Education: What explains STEM Participation?

Bahar Mehmani – The impact of COVID- 19 lockdown measures on women academics

Eleni Papadimitriou – The EU Regional Gender Equality Monitor Measuring Female Achievement and Female Disadvantage in the EU regions

Kate Sim – A Digital helping hand? The Imaginaries of campus rape and data in sexual misconduct reporting systems

Maria Zaira Turchi – The COVID experience and impact on science in Brazil

Isabel Valera  (un)Fairness in algorithmic decision-making

Miyoko Watanabe – The process, progress and prospects of advancing gender equality in science in Japan