GS17 Steering Group

Steering group:

Dr. M.J. (Marcelis) Boereboom is Director General of Higher Education, Vocational Education, Science and Emancipation at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Previously he held the post of Director General for Work at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. From April 2016 to August 2016, he was also acting Secretary-General at the same ministry. Before that he worked for a long time at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, where he held the positions of Director General for Long-term Care, Director of Curative Care, Deputy Director-General for Health Care and Director of Financial and Economic Affairs.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jaap Schouten was appointed in January 2017 by the Council of Ministers as a member of the NWO board of directors and to head up the NWO Applied and Engineering Sciences division. Until then, Jaap Schouten was professor of Chemical Reactor Technology and dean of the department of Chemical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology. Jaap Schouten has held different board positions in the field of chemical engineering at, among others, the Netherlands Process Technologists (NPT), the Hoogewerff Fund Foundation and the European Federation for Chemical Engineering (EFCE) as well as the Chemistry Steering Group of the Topsector Chemistry. He is vice-chair of the Supervisory Board of the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) and member of the Board of the Chemelot Institute for Science and Technology (InSciTe).

Prof Mieke Zaanen is Director General of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. She served successively at the University of Amsterdam as Faculty Director of Operational Management, Management Coordinator and from 2007 to 2014 as Secretary General. As such, she was responsible for the development of the strategy and the policy agenda for the Executive Board and was in charge of the organizational staff (1200 fte staff, 40 M€ budget). Also, she was Secretary to the Supervisory Board of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. As of February 2015, she was appointed by the Board of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences as Director General. She has overall responsibility for day-to-day management of the Academy (1121 fte, 152 M€ budget) and has an advisory vote in the Academy Board Meetings.

Dr Jan de Jeu is Vice President of the Board of the University of Groningen. He started his career in several management roles at Dutch Mail (1984-1993). He subsequently worked as sector manager Facilities and Services at a large hospital (1993-2000). In 2000 he started working as a consultant and became managing partner of Twynstra Gudde Managers and Consultants. As of 2008, he was member of the Executive Board of Twynstra Gudde Holding. In January 2012 he joined the Board of the University of Groningen. His responsibilities are finance, housing and real estate, technology transfer, public private partnerships, commercial activities and ICT.

Prof.Dr Hanneke Takkenberg is a clinical epidemiologist and professor of clinical decision making in cardiothoracic interventions at the department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. Prof Takkenberg is a scientific leader in the field of heart valve disease and currently president-elect of the Heart Valve Society (HVS). Her research focuses on clinical decision making and patient empowerment including translation of this knowledge to clinical practice through the development and implementation of patient information portals and decision aids for patients with heart disease. Gender diversity and diversity&inclusion as a tool to improve research and achieve an inclusive scientific community are cornerstones of her work as Chief Diversity Officer at Erasmus University (2015-present). Professor Takkenberg is chair of the Erasmus Female Professors Network board and advisory board member for Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations.

Prof Simone Buitendijk is Vice-Provost (Education) at Imperial College London. She is responsible for developing, facilitating and supporting the College's overarching strategy for the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate education and continuing professional development, and for the quality of the education provision. Within this remit, the Vice-Provost (Education) provides advice to the President, Provost, Provost's Board and Senate on all matters relating to education. Professor Buitendijk was formerly Vice-Rector Magnificus at Leiden University with responsibility for education and student affairs. She is also an internationally respected expert in maternal and child health. She is Professor of Women’s and Family Health at the Leiden University Medical Centre, having held the Netherlands’ first professorial chair for primary care in obstetrics.

Advisory group:
- Portia (Elizabeth Pollitzer/Claartje Vinkenburg)
- OCW (Marissa Herder/Merrit Beck)
- KNAW (Selma Hinderdael)
- NWO (Astrid Zuurbier)
- VSNU (Wesley Boer)
- TNO (Oana van der Togt)
- LNVH (Lidwien Poorthuis)
- Elsevier Foundation (Ylann Schemm/Charon Duermeijer)
- VH (Karishma Dhonre)
- VHTO (Cocky Booij)
- ECHO (Mary Tupan)