GS1 Speakers

Prof Ulla Carlsson

Ulla Carlsson, Gender Summit past speaker
Professor and Director of NORDICOM (Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research) and the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media at the University of Gothenburg.

Dr Ulla Carlsson is a founder and continuing editor of the refereed journal Nordicom Review and the Clearinghouse Yearbooks. Ulla Carlsson has edited publications on media development; media statistics; media history; popular culture; media theory; gender; children and media; the globalization of media; media governance; media literacy; etc. Most of Ulla Carlsson’s own research focuses on international communication and the globalization of media. She has published several books and reports in this field. Ulla Carlsson is a member of the board of many regional and international research organizations and committees, and she is also part of the editorial board for several international journals in the field of media and communication.

Prof Carlsson contributed to the roundtable Session D: GENDER ISSUES IN SCIENCE PUBLICATIONS How can editorial policies and writing on gender issues in science be improved to make the assessment and selection of research results for publication sensitive to gender and sex issues? at the Gender Summit 1 EU (GS1EU).