GS1 Speakers

Mieke Van Oostende

Mieke Van Oostende, Gender Summit past speaker
Principal in the Antwerp office, McKinsey & Company, Belgium.

After obtaining Master Degrees in Applied Economics (Universiteit Gent, Belgium) and General Management (Vlerick Management School, Belgium), Mieke Van Oostende started working as a Research Analyst at the Vlerick Management School focusing on marketing and strategy. In September 2011, she joined McKinsey & Company where she became Principal in 2009. Since joining McKinsey, Mieke Van Oostende has specialised in serving the financial industry, in particular on strategic, organizational and post-merger management topics. She is a member of McKinsey's European banking practice. In addition, Mieke van Oostende is closely involved in "Women Matter", a McKinsey proprietary initiative aiming at researching and promoting gender diversity and equal opportunities. She leads the BeNeLux chapter of Women Matter and coleads the Women Matter efforts at European level.

Ms Van Oostende spoke about The Women Matter project in Session B3: INTELLECTUAL ADVANTAGE Collective intelligence and social sensitivity of research at the Gender Summit 1 EU (GS1EU).