GS1 Speakers

Prof Maria Teresa Ruiz Cantero

Prof Maria Teresa Ruiz Cantero, Gender Summit past speaker
Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Department Public Health, University of Alicante, Spain.

Prof Teresa Ruiz's work focuses on social inequalities in health. She is a social epidemiologist, with a background in folk-Medicine, epidemiology of chronic diseases, political epidemiology, and involvement as an activist in issues concerning gender justice, science, and health. Her work involves: 1. Area-Based gender Measures for Health Data and Methods for improving monitoring of gender inequalities in health, and 2. Development of theoretical frameworks to guide work on understanding gender bias in research and management of disease at primary and specialised health care.

Prof Teresa Ruiz spoke about pdf icon A framework for the Analysis  of Gender Bias in research  and medical care in Session A3: KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION Research norms and integrity at the Gender Summit 1 Europe (GS1Eu).