GS11 Regional Steering Committee

Dr Joy Johnson

Dr. Joy Johnson GS11 Regional Committee

Vice-President, Research and International, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada.

Dr. Joy Johnson leads Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) strategic research initiatives and facilitates international opportunities that foster research collaborations and student exchange. Her work focuses on facilitating research excellence and helping SFU respond to new opportunities. She works with members of SFU’s eight faculties to ensure they have the support and resources required to conduct excellent cutting-edge research in all its forms.  Building on her long-standing leadership and research experience, she works with the faculty, students and staff to secure research partnerships within the community and industry. Dr. Johnson has a highly productive program of research focusing on health promotion and health behaviour change. Drawing on a broad array of theoretical perspectives, her work explores the social, structural and individual factors that influence the health behaviour of individuals. A major thrust of her work focuses on sex and gender issues in substance use and mental health.