GS11 Regional Steering Committee

Linda Henderson


Policy Analyst, Policy and External Relations Directorate, Status of Women Canada, Canada

Linda Henderson is a policy analyst and trainer in the Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Unit at Status of Women Canada (SWC). Her career includes over 25 years of experience in international development in the design of programs, policies and training with a leading Canadian non-governmental organization, prior to joining the Canadian government in 2010 to develop and deliver GBA+ training with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Since 2011, Henderson has helped lead the SWC team responsible for building capacity for GBA+ across government. This includes developing and delivering GBA+ training and tools; collaborating with partners on GBA+ learning events, and providing expert advice and support to science, economic, research, and health sectors across government in the implementation of GBA+. Henderson has a degree in business from the University of Ottawa and professional training in gender analysis, adult education and facilitation, cultural adaptation and program design and evaluation.