GS3 Speakers

Dr Margaret-Ann Armour

Margaret-Ann Armour, Gender Summit Speaker (GS3NA)

Associate Dean (Diversity), Faculty of Science, University of Alberta, Canada.

Margaret-Ann Armour is the University of Alberta Faculty of Science’s associate dean of diversity. Dr. Armour serves on the Board of SHAD International a diverse extended community of leaders dedicated to the development of young people, and of the Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research and Management. She has been a Scientific Advisor to the Asian Association for Academic Activity on Waste Management. Dr. Armour has been Vice-Chair and Convenor of WISEST, a committee of the Vice-President, Research, at the University of Alberta on Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology with a mandate to take action to increase the proportion of women in decision-making roles in the sciences and engineering.

Dr. Armour spoke about the transformations in the opportunities and status of women in science and engineering in Canada at the Gender Summit 3 North America 2013.