GS3 Speakers

Krunali Patel

Krunali Patel, Gender Summit past speaker

Business Manager, Storage Products Group, Texas Instruments (TI), USA.

Krunali Patel is the worldwide business manager for TI’s Storage Products Group, which is focused on the development of innovative hard disk drive solutions for the computing market. Krunali began her career at TI in 1996 as a digital design engineer. Since then, she has held various leadership roles, including director of the ASIC IP and EDA development organization, business manager for the Custom Wireless Infrastructure ASIC business and director for microcontroller systems and marketing. Krunali holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, and a Masters degree in Indian classical dance.

Krunali Patel spoke about diversity fueling innovation at Texas Instruments at the Gender Summit 3 North America 2013. As a leader in the application specific electronics and a global enterprise, and the talent needed to respond to the growing range of applications and demand for electronic devices. For example, households in the U.S alone own 3 billion of electronic devices. With the proliferation of electronic devices in a wide number of market segments, including personal computing, consumer electronics, and mobility, ensuring standards and improved usability of new applications are essential conditions contributing to better performance.