GS3 Speakers

Prof Gillian Einstein

Prof Gillian Einstein, Gender Summit speaker

Associate Professor of Psychology and Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada.

Gillian Einstein is an Associate Professor of Psychology as well as of Public Health at the University of Toronto where she is also Director of the Collaborative Graduate Program in Women's Health. Her research is on estrogens and their effects on mood and cognition as well as the effects of culture on the central nervous system, projects funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She serves as chair of the Institute Advisory Board of the Institute of Gender and Health, Canadian Institute of Health Research. 

Professor Einstein spoke on women’s health and neurodegenerative disease as well as reflect on multidisciplinary research approaches to women's health and for the increased integration of the basic sciences into our understanding of sex/gender at the Gender Summit 3 North America 2013 (GS3NA).