Dr Dorothy Nyambi

Dorothy Nyambi, Gender Summit 5 Africa Speaker

Executive Vice President, The Next Einstein Initiative Secretariat, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), AIMS - Global Secretariat, International.

Increasing female participation in Science through international collaboration (download presentation here pdf icon)
Topic F: International collaborations in gender and science
AIMS: Engaging women and men in the promotion of gender equality and inclusion in science (download presentation herepdf icon)
Knowledge Exchange Forum: Youth Engagement in STEM

Dr Dorothy Nyambi is head of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Global network’s programs and operations. An international development practitioner and a certified Evaluator for 20+ years, she trained as a Physician in Cameroon following her Undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin. She completed her postgraduate education at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and University of Toronto focusing on health systems strengthening, measurements and metrics.

In addition to working for the government of Cameroon, she also worked for the U.S. Peace Corps (in sub-Saharan African, Eastern Europe, Asia and Washington, DC); WHO, USAID, CARE and Population Services International. She has developed and managed major projects (bilateral and responsive) for government donors and foundations. Member of the Canadian, American and African evaluation societies, she also serves as a volunteer with UNICEF Canada and sits on the board of not-for-profit organizations in Canada.