Yoliswa Ntsepe

Yoliswa Ntsepe, Gender Summit 5 Africa speaker
Researcher, the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa.

Knowledge Exchange Forum: Gender Monitoring and Evaluation

In the past five years Ms Yoliswa Ntsepe has been a Co-Investigator in a number of studies at the Human Sciences Research Council within the HIV/AIDS, STI and TB Unit. In the fourth national HIV survey she coordinated field work which entailed recruiting and training field staff (data collectors, editors and supervisors), overseeing data and specimen collection. She served as the co-Project Director in the Marang Men’s Project which was an HIV bio- behavioural survey that was conducted among MSM. 

A report was produced, based on the findings of this survey, that contributed to the growing body of HIV bio-behavioural surveys conducted among MSM in South Africa. She was also a co-investigator, assisted in analysis, report writing, presented conference papers for the study titled “An Assessment of HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) Services in South Africa”. Parallel to these research projects, Ms. Yoliswa Ntsepe enrolled for the PhD in Anthropology in 2011 and submitted the thesis in November 2014.