Karen Craggs-Milne

Karen Craggs-Milne, Gender Summit 5 Africa speaker

Director of Gender Equality & Inclusion - AIMS Global Network, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), AIMS - Global Secretariat, International.

Topic A: Benefits of STEM diversity in operation

Karen Craggs-Milne is the Director for Gender Equality & Inclusion at the African Institute for Mathematics (AIMS). She leads streamlining of gender equality and inclusion across the AIMS network. This involves systematic integration of gender and inclusion considerations across the organization and its core areas of work in mathematical sciences education, research and outreach.

Karen facilitates pan-African partnerships for promoting women and diversity in STEM in Africa and leads the development and implementation of flagship initiatives such as gender responsive pedagogy for teacher training and multi-stakeholder dialogues that promote an inclusive approach to gender equality by engaging both women and men across academia and industry. With over 15 years experience as a leading gender equality specialist, Karen previously led the gender equality policy and program portfolio at Plan International Canada, ensuring that the organization moved from policy to implementation and accountability for gender equality results.