Chemutai Angela Siele

Chemutai Angela Siele, Gender Summit 5 Africa Speaker

Masters Candidate, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Graduate Fellow-Institute for African Development (IAD), Cornell University, USA.

Knowledge Exchange Forum: Gender and Agriculture

Chemutai Angela Siele is an African-change agent who brings a unique blend of skills acquired through extensive experiences in the fields of agribusiness and international development. As a Master's Candidate in Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, she is working to harness an in-depth knowledge of global food security issues, while exercising excellent research and writing skills. 

Prior to Cornell University, Chemutai Angela Siele worked at Eastern Produce Kenya Limited, an agricultural and horticultural company, in marketing, sales and logistics roles. She was responsible for client relations and managed a logistics portfolio for 408 hectares of avocado and 617 hectares of macadamia farms, of which 70% were exported to France, 15% to the UK, and the balance distributed through other EU countries, Switzerland and Scandinavia.  Through the Cornell Institute of Waste Management, she serves the Ithaca community as a Master Composter, actively promoting the practice of composting in Tompkins County, thereby helping to divert compostable materials from the waste stream.  Chemutai Angela Siele has had extensive international experience, having lived and traveled to different countries in Africa, Asia and North America. She has thus developed a keen sensitivity to people from diverse cultural and business backgrounds. Her multilingual abilities make her an articulate, confident and concise communicator who is able to deliver enthusiastic presentations with clarity to a varied audience.