GS6 Speakers

Sungsine Pak

Prof Sungsine Pak, Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific speakers

Professor, School of Architecture, Interior Design and Coastal Engineering, Kunsan National University, Korea.

The Effect of W-Programs on Women Engineers’ Employment and Duration of their Career (download presentation here pdf icon)
Conference: Introducing the Gender Dimension to STEMM Higher Education

Sungsine Pak is a professor of the School of Architecture, Interior Design and Coastal Engineering at Kunsan National University, Korea. She took up her current post in March 2010, after working for architectural design firms. From 1993 to 1997, she studied urban and architectural design at Ecole d’Architecture Paris - la Villette in France under academic adviser, Professor Jean-Pierre Le Dantec. The academic approach and practice in Paris enlarged her interest in the relations between urban context and space design. She received her PhD from Yonsei University, Korea, in 2008 on completing her doctoral thesis on ‘Space Design Marketing’ based on architectural design and design management. Over 20 years of experience in planning and management of the built environment, she has been the responsible designer and manager of 70 projects.

She now participates in diverse expert committees in order to make social contributions through my special field. She is a member of Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK), a board member of Korean Institute of Female Architects (KIFA) and member of government committees to consult and coordinate architectural and urban policies. She also devotes her efforts is to develop programmes and educational contents for women in engineering. She has led the Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Jeonbuk Regional Center since March 2012.