GS6 Speakers

Athina Frantzana

Athina Frantzana, Gender Summit 6 speaker

Postgraduate Researcher, EPCC, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Gender Inequality in High Performance Computing (HPC) (download presentation here pdf icon)
Conference: Introducing the Gender Dimension to STEMM Higher Education

Athina Frantzana is a postgraduate research student working in EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. Her research is focusing on gender diversity in the high performance computing (HPC) community, the causes of the lack of gender equality, the problems this brings to the community, the benefits of increasing diversity and providing evidence for the effectiveness of a range of approaches designed to improve gender diversity. Athina is also a coordinator of the Women in HPC network as and has helped in the organisation of various events linked to the network including the networks launch in April 2014, and the first Women in HPC workshop at SC14.