GS6 Speakers

Shouraseni Sen Roy

Shouraseni Sen Roy, Gender Summit 6 Asia Pacific Speaker

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Miami, USA. 

Linking Gender Inequalities/Inequities with Impacts of Climate Change in the Global South (download presentation here pdf icon)
Parallel Session 2: Workshop on Gendered Innovations in Research

Dr Sen Roy’s research focuses on expanding the understanding about long term trends in climate processes, in view of impending climate change, mainly over the Indian subcontinent. Her research methodology incorporates extensive spatial analysis using GIS methodologies. In addition to researching on climate processes over the Indian subcontinent, she has focused on working on specific climate related research questions in other regions of the world including the US, Myanmar, and South Africa. She has also been involved in collaborative work with other people in the discipline, who have different complimentary expertise. Her latest research, examines climate change impacts though gendered lenses, specifically in the Global South. Specifically, her research examines the spatial variations of already occurring and potential impacts of climate change on girls and women in the Global South. She uses a variety of spatial analysis methods to assess the relationship between gender inequities/inequalities and gaps, and impacts of climate change at various spatial scales.